Ok, so this is my first post in a new era of blogging. My website is being/has been updated to be more blogging friendly, and I’ve been frantically researching the best tools for the job.

I think I’ve found the perfect tool - I’m writing with it now: “Desk", it’s in the app store and a top seller now I think. The author is an Indie developer called John, and I strongly support indie developers. Being an aspiring one myself explains this bias. I would have paid John even if I didn’t buy the software. Even if I never use this product I want him to have my money. If you read his blog(s) - you’ll see why. In short, I found the perfect product and it’s an indie developer - bonus!

I’ve searched low and hight for the “perfect” blogging tools: Posting quickly with markdown, and having my posts available via an API being prerequisites numbers one and two.

Believe me, I looked low and high: WordPress (my current cms), Ghost, Medium, Evernote, iWriter, Typed from Realmac - the list does go on and I promise to post a rundown on all of them.

I’m not going to write anymore on this post - mainly because I’ve still got to figure out how to link it with my blog and push. Hope I didn’t speak too soon about this being perfect.

ps: Gets a little hazy at the bottom here John, but love the CMD+Enter full screen option. er.. now, to save and post...