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Making Air (ui kit)

I'm currently designing a new User Interface kit - called Air.  I've just started, but I'll post all the progress on my dribbble profile

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How to use Vim Macros to customise your code nest

Arguably what makes Vim the greatest tool for web development is the breadth of its customisation:  It's like having an exo-suit for development - used correctly it does most of the heavy lifting.

Macros are the articulations that make code "lifting" a breeze.  If you don't know what Macros are, they allow you to "record" a series of actions and re-perform those with a keystroke. Imagine being able to "record" going to the gym - then, instead of going again the next day you simple hit a key and it is done - with all the benefits, and without a second wasted.  Isn't that power?

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June 26, 2014No Comments

Getting Paid on the Fly

This is why I love subscribing to SaaS services - new features, no extra cost!  Harvest just made a free update to their invoicing service so that "Harvesters" (you know, people who use Harvest for their time tracking and stuff - yeah, I just made it up) can get paid even if their client is on holiday - no more excuses to delay, lovely!

This is what the internet is all about.  Keep up the great work guys.

Say Hello to Getting Paid on the Fly | HARVEST Time Tracking and Invoicing Blog.

April 30, 2014No Comments

Kickstart WordPress Theme for Startups Released

Thanks to the awesome work of Nick Davis on the coding, Lean Themes first WordPress Theme - Kickstart - is finally available for download.  It's a theme for startups with responsive, clean and flat design.  Try it out at

March 20, 2014No Comments

Solaris: A Responsive Ghost Theme

Solaris is an elegant & responsive Ghost theme - beautiful typography, built on Bootstrap 3.   It's responsive to mobile, optimised across some key breakpoints.  Take a look.

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January 28, 2014No Comments

How to set Vim to color code LESS files

Today's awesome dev snippet is a quick hack to set up VIM to colour-code syntax for LESS as it does for CSS.  Add the following line to your .vimrc file (or create on if you don't have it).

au BufNewFile,BufRead *.less set filetype=css


January 16, 2014No Comments

Setup Ghost on Digital Ocean with your own Domain

I've signed up to Digital Ocean, for shiner-than-shiny SSD cloud hosting, and to install my Ghost blog themes.  Read on to find out how I did it.

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January 12, 2014No Comments

xEditor – Nicer writing interface for the fullscreen WordPress editor

The environment in which you write is important (I'm not talking about Starbucks, but the user interface). Typography is important. Design is important. Let's add some typography to the WordPress fullscreen editor and write better (a spurious claim, but I like it).

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November 17, 2013No Comments

New Lean WordPress Theme Sneak Peek

Just a quick sneak peek of a new WordPress theme I'm designing - to be released on the Lean Themes label I'm working on with the awesome Nick Davis (the idea being, they're lean WordPress themes - see what we did there?).  If  you want to monitor our not-so-fast progress sign for email updates via http:/

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Lean WordPress Themes

I'm teaming up with the awesome Nick Davis to make Lean WordPress themes (i.e. themes that are short on bulk and load like a mofo) - while we're working on our first themes why not check our landing page and sign up to our mailing list to receive updates and free goodies (when we've made them).

September 17, 2013No Comments

Best way to apply CSS to SVG images

So you're playing with SVG icons and images and you're loving it - but - you can't apply CSS from your stylesheet.  What to do?   Here's a decent solution I found.

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July 24, 2013No Comments

My Experience on oDesk

I ran into oDesk recently, and had a play with it:  Long story short - it has a clean UI but the fees are a joke, I pity the souls who may be forced to use it.  Clients on oDesk have tight budgets - that's ok - but oDesk skims it at every turn: between 10% commissions, withdrawal fees (even on Paypal), 6 day "settle periods" and currency arbitrage you'll need to spike your bid by 20% to come clean and order your food by cheque to balance payments. Not a recommended marketplace for professionals.

July 12, 2013No Comments

Jumping on the flat UI and long shadow bandwagon.

There's a bandwagon?  Then I'm on it.  Flat UI and Long Shadows?  Why not, why not indeed.  Please accept my most humble application to board this bandwagon forthwith.

July 10, 2013No Comments

Monday – A Journal Style WordPress Theme

Monday is a WordPress blogging theme, but simpler - more like a Journal:  The main blog layout is single stream to avoid confusion and support better storytelling.  Monday works sweet on mobile with a handy left-hand navigation panel slide-out.  For the purists among you there is also a classical blog layout available.

Monday is very simple to setup and to start posting stories and photos.  Simply setup your favourite colour and start posting.  I was never a fan of complicated themes that were tricky to setup - I like themes simple, fewer setup options means it's easy to get started.

Demo & Download Available on Creative Market

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June 13, 2013No Comments

Swisssh! Dribbble Shot Analyser App (beta)

It's my second mini-web app of the week.  I'm beginning to get to grips with APIs and things finally.  This is in beta, I didn't check the domain name and it was taken - so I need a new name anyway.  Take a look and please Report bugs