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Dribbble Invites Giveaway x2


Hello friends,

I have a couple of invites to give away.
So that I can check your work please:

Paste your shot to my twitter, then follow me on Dribbble and like the invite post. So I can track you, see?

Feel free to follow me on twitter and Dribbble if you like.

Have fun.

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UX is the result of design

I read an awesome post today from honest people who really get it, and the following quote from it sums up the difference between UI and UX that many people still do not get:

great design is more than pretty pixels. Great design is more than the neat gradients of your header or even the fancy animations of your hamburger menu. Great design is about the experience. It’s about how people interact with the stuff you’ve built and whether it actually helps people achieve their goals or not. As a community we are shifting toward this paradigm and as we explored this we realized that there will be lots of important roles to play as this shift occurs.

As Steve Jobs famously said:

Design is how it works

I still talk with founders and consultants who think I'd be a great UX hire because they like my "style". My "style" (graphic style, I infer) has nothing to do with UX. This is when I worry about taking the job. Read more

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Invision making it happen

Quick heads up for anyone who might have missed these awesome UI resources: Invision offers a free UI kit and a quick tutorial on mocking up your dream app with Invision and Photoshop/Sketch: painless prototyping - now there are no excuses for delaying that idea you have in your mind.

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Two of my favourite web engineering projects

I opened my Prismatic feed today to find it closed, and replaced with investor bumpf. Not the best start of the day - but I went on to uncover their blog and I liked how open they are about their API development - so I'm adding them to my favourite engineering blog projects: I like intelligent projects where engineering and design go hand-in-hand. My other favourite design/engineering project is Artsy.net. I paste the links to their interesting stuff inside this post.

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My Morning UX Reads for Today

Thought I'd share what links I've been viewing before starting work this morning. I collect and review quite a bit of UX and UI related material, so I should share it.

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New Lean Project

In the spirit of Lean Startupness I'm pushing out images of a new app idea I'm working on. I'm just building the prototype now. It's so so new who knows what will become of it. But, I put it out there, because that's what Lean is all about.

October 15, 2014No Comments

Upcoming Lean WordPress Blogging Theme

A new Lean WordPress Blogging theme is on the way: The design has been pressed, and the hot coding potato has been passed to the awe inspiring Nick Davis for, well, coding.  More updates to come.  In the meantime this screenshot will just have to do.  (By the way, if you're the owner of the face in the design avatar - please don't sue me, I just couldn't help using such an awesome image - I'll take it down if you ask...)

August 1, 2014No Comments

Making Air (ui kit)

I'm currently designing a new User Interface kit - called Air.  I've just started, but I'll post all the progress on my dribbble profile

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November 17, 2013No Comments

New Lean WordPress Theme Sneak Peek

Just a quick sneak peek of a new WordPress theme I'm designing - to be released on the Lean Themes label I'm working on with the awesome Nick Davis (the idea being, they're lean WordPress themes - see what we did there?).  If  you want to monitor our not-so-fast progress sign for email updates via http:/www.leanthemes.co

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Monday – A Journal Style WordPress Theme

Monday is a WordPress blogging theme, but simpler - more like a Journal:  The main blog layout is single stream to avoid confusion and support better storytelling.  Monday works sweet on mobile with a handy left-hand navigation panel slide-out.  For the purists among you there is also a classical blog layout available.

Monday is very simple to setup and to start posting stories and photos.  Simply setup your favourite colour and start posting.  I was never a fan of complicated themes that were tricky to setup - I like themes simple, fewer setup options means it's easy to get started.

Demo & Download Available on Creative Market

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June 13, 2013No Comments

Swisssh! Dribbble Shot Analyser App (beta)

It's my second mini-web app of the week.  I'm beginning to get to grips with APIs and things finally.  This is in beta, I didn't check the domain name and it was taken - so I need a new name anyway.  Take a look and please Report bugs

June 11, 2013No Comments

WeNeedPixels.com Jobs Board for Digital Designers

I'm releasing v1.0 of WeNeedPixels.com - my first mini-web app based on jQuery and JSON: It's a job board for (mainly) digital designers and developers.  I'm pretty happy so far with how it's come out.  My node.js lessons are coming soon, and I hope to push out an API too amongst other updates.


June 6, 2013No Comments

Ipsum Responsive WordPress Blog Theme

This website is based on my new theme - Ipsum - which is a responsive WordPress blog theme designed for, well, blogging - with prominent social buttons.  Check out a simpler demo and buy it if you like it: Demo and Download

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Bikesoup 2.0 Responsive Web Design & Mobile

Bikesoup 2.0 is in the pipeline. Bikesoup is the UK's premier online marketplace for new and used bikes - and they're looking for a responsive, redesigned, relaunch.  We're currently looking at the wireframing and some inital art direction.   I'll post more updates here as they happen (or watch my Behance page).

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Mobile app work in progress

I'm currently examining an app ecosystem for a travel client.  App ecosystem studies, analysis, sketching, wireframing and design.  That's a lot of fun work.