April 14, 2016No Comments

How to code a job searching AI Bot with Hubot and Slack

Part Four in my ongoing "job board" coding series (others here, here and here): Coding a bot to look for jobs for you. Facebook recently announced their chatbots thing: Chatbots are not that super new, but more fuel is now on the fire and chatbots are probably app-killers - So let's make our own super simple one!

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April 9, 2016No Comments

Quick Job Board with React Native

Part three of my “quick job board” series, this time for React Native — and deployable on mobile devices. This follows on from “quick job board in 48 lines of code” with Meteor, and the “quick job board with meteor and React” version.

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November 29, 20152 Comments

A quick job board with React, Meteor and Material UI

I recently wrote a mini-tutorial "How to write a job app in 48 lines of code" - and here it is again, but using React JS: Facebook's javascript love-child. This is slightly longer than 48 lines of code, but mainly because I also integrated a Material UI interface. I actually learned React to be able to use this UI library. React is not strictly necessary with the Meteor framework, as Meteor is reactive out-of-the-box - but I like Google's Material UI style, and it required React, so here we are.

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September 26, 2015No Comments

Create a simple job board web app with 48 lines of code

I love simplicity. Here is a post which explains how to code a job board web app in 48 lines.

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August 5, 2015No Comments

Today’s web tech roundup

Hello. Today I was chatting with a developer friend about - well, developer tech. Sometimes you just don't realise you've found dev link gold until someone else isn't aware of them. So I passed him some links, and I paste them here too - for all my developer friends out there.

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February 25, 2015No Comments

How I built my mini-SaaS in the leanest way possible

When I was building my "first" real web app. I used a lot of resources: blogs and tutorials from other developers and the developer community in general. Without these resources there would have been no hope. So I feel it necessary to immediately give back some of what I received and write a brief-ish post about the broad development process behind monospace.gallery: a simple web app.

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February 25, 2015No Comments

Monospace Gallery: Late night SaaS


Yesterday I finally released the beta of my first lean SaaS project: monospace.gallery. The basic idea pivoted as I developed it, and finalised into One Click Portfolios for Dribbblers.

The idea is that a creative on the Dribbble community can login directly through their Dribbble account and get a nice, responsive portfolio layout with their work in their own vanity url.

It's a very simple app. My main aim was basically to become "fluent" in building quick apps. The strategy, then, was broken down into selecting the best technology & methodology for expressing this "fluency": in short, I chose a Node based framework called Meteor for super slimline development, and some features of the "Lean" Movement for streamlining the actually process.

It turned out to be a natty combination, because Meteor allows you to very quickly develop "concepts" and roll them out, so it works well with the Lean method of MVP and iteration.

I'm as minimalist a developer as I am a designer, and I have to say I'm well pleased with the limited amount of lines of code that were needed to put this app together: I'm guessing less than 300 lines of code (excluding libraries and frameworks of course). Distilled still further with preprocessors: namely; Jade, Stylus and Coffeescript.

I wrote a short post on its development How I built my web app, because I am sure there are designers and developers out there who will find the info useful: I know I found many similar resources useful while I was building it.

and now, onwards!

January 10, 2015No Comments

Nginx, Ghost & Proxies: Spaghetti Junction

I'm currently in the middle of a serverside nightmare trying to setup various Ghost blogs on one server. Between nginx confs, ports & Ghost configs - well, I'm just having a great time. What the frick is going on?

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December 7, 2014No Comments

How to build the simplest Meteor package

Today I am going to explain how to create the simplest Package for use with Meteor. I had a little trouble pushing out a simple template from a package to the app, so today I’m going to explain how it’s done.

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July 15, 2014No Comments

How to use Vim Macros to customise your code nest

Arguably what makes Vim the greatest tool for web development is the breadth of its customisation:  It's like having an exo-suit for development - used correctly it does most of the heavy lifting.

Macros are the articulations that make code "lifting" a breeze.  If you don't know what Macros are, they allow you to "record" a series of actions and re-perform those with a keystroke. Imagine being able to "record" going to the gym - then, instead of going again the next day you simple hit a key and it is done - with all the benefits, and without a second wasted.  Isn't that power?

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January 16, 2014No Comments

Setup Ghost on Digital Ocean with your own Domain

I've signed up to Digital Ocean, for shiner-than-shiny SSD cloud hosting, and to install my Ghost blog themes.  Read on to find out how I did it.

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January 12, 2014No Comments

xEditor – Nicer writing interface for the fullscreen WordPress editor

The environment in which you write is important (I'm not talking about Starbucks, but the user interface). Typography is important. Design is important. Let's add some typography to the WordPress fullscreen editor and write better (a spurious claim, but I like it).

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September 17, 2013No Comments

Best way to apply CSS to SVG images

So you're playing with SVG icons and images and you're loving it - but - you can't apply CSS from your stylesheet.  What to do?   Here's a decent solution I found.

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June 10, 2013No Comments

JSON and Pandora’s Box

What do jQuery, JSON, Node.js, Backbone.js, oAuth and API development have in common?  They are currently sucking up all my learning time as I develop a very simple web app idea that I want to open up.  So much time I can't even continue the Greek theme I had in mind for this post beyond the title - I know there is something  in it...

May 16, 2013No Comments

Grid Frameworks and Responsive Websites are not Synonymous

Just a quick post to state again: Grid frameworks and responsive websites are not synonymous.  For the record, you don't need a responsive grid framework, like Twitter's Bootstrap, to make a site responsive.

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