April 18, 2013No Comments

Using WordPress Jetpack Locally

This is just a quick snippet for developers who have had problems setting up Jetpack locally.

Jetpack was recently updated to include a developers mode, because previously it required a connection to a WordPress.com account.  All you need to do to activate Jetpack locally, without connecting to wordpress.com is the following:

  1. Open wp-config.php

  2. Add the following line - possibly best below the WP_DEBUG line.

define('JETPACK_DEV_DEBUG', true);

And save the file.  Don't forget to change that on the live version!

March 19, 20131 Comment

WordPress Security for Designers

Designers love colours, and are therefore discouraged by the monotony of the terminal window and words like "security".  But let's face it, you're probably going to need this at some point.  So, today let's look at WordPress security.

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October 26, 2012No Comments

Responsive WordPress Plugin: Skeletonisr

It's my first public plugin.  It's so simple: it bootstraps your theme with the Skeleton responsive grid framework. So you don't have to.  Read on or take a shortcut. Read more

August 9, 20121 Comment

Getting Started with GIT for Designers

Just an overview of how I managed to get started with GIT - which wasn't that easy, I tell you!  But, it isn't difficult. Read more