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“Safe hands that value my work”

"I’ve been working with Derry for 3 continuous years now. The work delivered is always of the highest quality and the communication is professional and informed. I always feel like I’m in safe hands that value my work and strive to deliver the best product to suit my needs. Highly recommended"

Antony Auty, MD, Bikesoup

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“a pleasure to work with”

"Imaginative and a pleasure to work with Derry delivers great quality designs whatever the brief every time, on time and on budget"

Chris Richmond, OnClouds

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“Good team player”

"We have worked together with Derry on many projects. He understood our needs and has proven to be a good team player with a very pro-active attitude. Has no problem going against you if he feels you are heading in the wrong direction. Prices are fair, delivery on time"

Mark Peters, Short Stay Group

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“I trust him”

Derry is an honest, reliable person, always eager to know more about the client’s project. He is quick, direct and answers all telephone calls or e-mails. He designed a “How to” that was clear, well organized and straight to the point. Any innovation of the site I just leave it to him simply because I trust him. I am always grateful for his interest and all the new ideas he introduces. He has done a great job.

Virginia Vidoz, Personal Coaching

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“Highly Recommended”

Derry is a great professional, his sense of design is very avantguard and really creative, we have been working with him for many years now and I highly recommend him.

- Pablo Zubicaray, Friendly Rentals

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“Professional Proposal”

"Thanks for the proposal you sent me. What a relief to see a decent and professional proposal here. I almost forgot about it"

- Rene Klaassen, CIRIS -

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"WOW! I will need to read this a few times to fully get to grips with the proposal but at first sight it looks very comprehensive and very good."

- Gavin Drake -