Coffee & UX Workshop

How would you like to sit over coffee and improve your User Experience?

I'm a professional UX designer with over 15 experience years in digital design - and I love coffee. I'm thinking of building extensive workshops, but for now, I think a nice chat over coffee about your app user experience is enough to get the ball rolling.

Latte or Moka?



What will we discuss?

Depending on the project we will discuss many aspects of UX: but generally we will cover User Centered Design, Data-driven design, Information Architecture, Content Strategy, Copywriting, Interaction Design, User Flows, User Personas, Sketching, Wireframing, Prototyping, Art Direction and Visual Design. We may also cover technical opportunities such as APIs, Internet of Things, Artifical Intelligence, Tech Stacks and the like.


Reserve your place

The workshops are targeted at CEOs, Founders and Product Owners and aim to educate and advise on applying UX design thinking to their product - it's not a course for UX apprentices.

Each UX session (max. three people, one product):

€300 €200 offer

There is no fixed time limit, but we'll be reasonable.  Central Barcelona Coffeeshop Location, or your office I guess. 
Don't forget to bring Pen & Paper.

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