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How to customise the Blog grid when using Semplice

I’ve switched to Semplice as my go to WordPress CRM platform. I won’t call it a “theme”, because it isn’t really. As they say, it’s a toolkit. They don’t design the site for you.

Semplice really is the "designers best kept secret", just as they sell it, because, you know, it basically just puts the good-old twitter bootstrap grid features into WP: And a designer needs nothing else. All he needs is a container and an image to fill it with.

Semplice is great for simple custom pages, and portfolios and the like - it uses industry standard tools - but it’s weak on the blog layout tools: If you want a better blog layout other than the default you will need to add your custom css, and do some tweaking on the actual grid, in the html editor.

The custom css is easy. There is a box for it. But what if you want to change the grid? Well, it's not so tough. Semplice uses bootstrap (v2) so all we need to do is go into the Appearance -> Editor and change the classes on the blog layouts we want.

For example: I didn't like the default 8 columns grid layout on the blog, so let’s change the default 8 column span blog layout for 6 columns: 8 is too long, 6 is Goldilocks.

Open the editor and the format-standard.php file, then look for the span8 offset2 class. Change it for span6 and offset3.

Of course, change it for whatever tickles your fancy.  Er.. that’s it. Have a nice day now.

UPDATE: I've updated to version 2.0 and they seem to have changed the blog formatting (and lost my changes). I looked under-the-hood and found they have moved the widths to some invisible option that is inaccessible. So, for now, I needed to actually hack the code until they make the option available: For you information I changed the format-standard.php file and commented out the line with the option altogether and manually added my span6 as above. Pretty crude, but their discussion forums are impenetrable. Hope they fix this. This is the line you need to comment out for now:

if(get_field('skinoptions_content_width', 'options'))

Update Two: Check the comments below, someone found out it has now been put into Advanced Styling option. So we are all happy.

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April 5, 2016 at 6:56 am

No doubt you are aware, but just in case, it has made its way into the ‘Advanced Styling’ options for easier access. Much cooler!

October 3, 2016 at 7:31 am

It’s been a while, but how are you liking semplice for blogs? From what I’ve seen from the videos I really want to give semplice a spin. I am an engineer and want to use it for project showcases, and well, just to make everything more pretty. I have this stupid tendency to re-write my website all x days and waste a lot of time on grids and layouts that semplice could do for me when I just want to give it a complete new layout. But I am hesitating between choosing it over Ghost vs Jekyll which seem to be more engineer friendly.
On top of that, semplice looks really really heavy. Not sure mobile users are gonna be happy about that.

I poked the semplice team for a demo that I could play around with before purchasing but they didn’t like that idea so all I have are the videos on vimeo.

From what I’ve seen you seem to be quite ok with coding as well. What is your take on it? Are you happy with semplice?
Also are things like disqus vs wordpress comments easily possible?

    Derry Birkett
    October 24, 2016 at 12:17 pm

    As a “blog” it’s very simple, and doesn’t have all the setup and features that a more usual WordPress blog theme has. So for “blogging” I would say it isn’t really best suited. I think Semplice is really great for presentational websites, portfolios and the like.

    I didn’t see plugins yet for Disqus etc.

    Hope this helps.

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