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Today’s web tech roundup

Hello. Today I was chatting with a developer friend about - well, developer tech. Sometimes you just don't realise you've found dev link gold until someone else isn't aware of them. So I passed him some links, and I paste them here too - for all my developer friends out there.

In no particular order:

React JS

The current big thing in front-end: a component based UI built through javascript, the html is extricated from front-end, and Reatc Native will attach work with native UI components ( as I understand). An amazing thing. 


Not sure that I mentioned this already, but a fantastic front-end framework for making Native style UI with HTML5.


Database as a service. Forget your backend worries and just push and pull JSON.


My favourite app development framework - all JS, front and back. Pure magic. A designer / developers best friend.

Material UI

I already wrote a post on Material UI frameworks, this is a nice one that runs with React.

Keen IO

Awesome analytics program for your app. Get data science and "insights-on- a-stick".

New Relic

Backend analytics du jour.

Product Hunt

Come on, you know this, right? Right?


Barcelona related, but a fantastic example of where city OS and data science will take us. "To infinity and beyond!"


You build APIs, and so you document them, right? This app will make your life easier. And your API docs more beautiful.


Api central: directory and monetisation (you heard right).

IDE in the cloud. Handy if you have a restrictive ENV.

Here are a couple of others I haven't looked into enough yet, but look awesome!

Stream your app from the cloud


Something amazing about the Internet of Things.

Does anyone want images with these posts? Put a comment on the form if you want images and I'll always add images to future posts.

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