OMG! Hemingway is my new best friend. I love the idea of writing well and Hemingwayapp is kicking my ass: I just wrote a lengthy post - and then ran it through the app. I got grade 8, which I was pleased with - as I thought my writing structure to be terrible.

According to Hemingway, 4 of my 42 sentences were hard to read. And 4 were also very hard to read (I'm guessing the same four). What a result!

Then Hemingway proceeded to trim my adverbs: 9 or fewer, please. And also politely informed me that 2 words or phrases could be simpler. How nice!

I'm not sure if I would have been so happy with Hemingway had he scrawled red ink all over my words...


update: I just updated my "long post" according to Hemingway which is now grade 7. i.e. one better. I couldn't bring myself to cut a coupla adverbs which I'm sure must belong there... damn you Hemingway. Surely some adverbs are not too many...?

update two: I'm addicted. I just run this post through and got grade 5. Adverbs are my obvious weakness, too many again. "Actually" and "totally" being my main problem words. Yeah, I think I can cut them.