Tags, they are everywhere - and now in OSX. What does it mean? How do you use them? What's the difference between tags and folders? I have 8 tags in total, using 6 colours. Here’s how I use them.

Inbox (blue)

The inbox is for tagging files I will want to tag more clearly later.  I smart folder all these and go through them when I have time, tagging them more clearly.

Active (green)

Currently active items - i.e. projects currently active. This way I can create a smart folder or filter for all active work.

Audit (yellow)

This is for items that I wish to either delete, or archive. Basically I filter (smart folder) these tags to tidy up the file system when I have a moment.

Duplicate (orange)

For duplicate items, look like duplicate items, that need to be sorted somehow - either deleted, or merged or moved. This is a bit like Audit, except more specific- I put them in this limbo to I can evaluate which to keep when I have more time.

Inactive (red)

For items that I can remove and/or archive. Again, I "limbo" these in the Inactive tag - because tagging, for me, is for very quickly marking something you need to do later, when you have time.

Offical (purple)

I have various purple tags for official, important documents - governments, accountancy and such like. Admin there is no escape from. This colour comprises various tags of varying precision - not only official for all these documents, but I also use the purple colour for the "sub-tags" like invoice and receipt etc.