Every WordPress developer should be using Classes for their plugins and extensions.  But how?

This is just a mini-post about how to call your class extensions using hooks, simply because I had trouble finding this information out myself on the interwebs.

Firstly, build plugins using classes - I won't go into this because there are (at least) two decent introductions to it here and here.

There is only one thing I need to add which were not included in these articles - How to reference / call your class methods from the WP templates.  One answer is: add_action and do_action() wordpress hooks.

Here's how it works:

class myClassName
  function __construct()
      add_action('MY_HOOK_NAME', array($this, 'MY_HOOK_FUNCTION'));
  function MY_HOOK_FUNCTION()
    { // FUNCTION HERE }
} // class

Then in your template file you call your class action with this:


And that's it.  Hope it helps!