A friend of mine recently sent an email round with a list of links and plugins that allow us to "do good" via charitable plugins and tools, without any effort. Plugins like AdBlock for Good, and Tabs for a Cause which show ads that donate to charities.  Here in this post I dutifully repost this veritable goldmine of goodness. Please partake, and share with your friends.

And I quote:

Tabs for a Cause

This plugin changes your New Tab Page. Money is being raised by some ads in the corner. Which, honestly, never bothered me at all. You can customize also the page with notes and bookmarks etc.

In 1 month I raised enough to provide 1 person with clean water for 1 year. Collectively, all tabbers raised over $200k already!


An adblocker with a purpose by the people who also created Tabs for a Cause. Basically, like any other adblocker, but 1-2 times a day a butterfly appears in the bottom left corner. When you click on in, you see a well-made ad. Each time you click you raise money.


This adblock also lets you raise money for a cause you choose. However, some ads will still be displayed, if the web owner agrees to give a part of the winnings to charity. This way, the web owner can still make money, too.

Ecosia Search Engine

Basically most of the money they make through ads, will be used to plant new trees. It works like google, it feels like google as well. So it didn’t really hurt me to switch. Plus, having a tree planted every 2-3 searches feels good as well.

In a week I made 100 trees (implying the counting algorithm is correct). But they planted 3,430,817 Trees already

Amazon Smile

If you shop at amazon, you can also have part of your spendings donated to a charity you choose. It has everything the normal amazon offers. So why not shop at amazon smile then?

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