Save yourself a whole bunch of time with my ready-made, retina-ready user interface kit!  I've got a whole bunch of ready GUI goodness packed and loaded into a single PSD:  Vector shapes, editable layer styles.. it's all good!

Hundreds of items - badges, buttons, icons, sliders, overlays, lists, tabs etc.

The iPad GUI Kit

This is a PSD interface set to enable designers and developers to mockup and build retina ready interfaces in record time, simply by dragging and dropping the elements from this kit onto their own layouts.

It's Flexible

Shape layers mean resizing is easy, just use the white pointer to drag the edges around you want to maintain proportions.

Layer styles - non-flattened layer styles means it’s easy for you to tweak the detalis to suit your needs.

High-resolution graphics means you get standard design resolution (exporting at 50%) or high-definition quality.
Futureproof your projects.

It's Professional Quality

  • 13 years experience in design means this UI kit is fully professional:
  • Pro Layer Organisation (drag and drop, copy/paste folders),
  • Flexibility to make changes with shape layers & styles,
  • Attention to Texture,
  • Little Details,
  • Pixel perfect snapping.

High Definition Tablet and Mobile User Interface GUI Kit


Professionally designed User Interface Elements for use with HD / Retina Tablets and Smartphones (i.e. ipads and iphones).  Careful attention to detail, pixel-perfect adjustments, shape-layers and style-layers, packed in clearly labelled groups = professional delivery.

The File

  • 1 PSD File (2048px x 5500px): Enormous PSD CS5 file, zipped into 25MB from 105MB.
  • Scalable Vectors & Shape Layers: All elements are scalable vector shape layers so resizing is a cinch.
  • Easily Modifiable Layer Styles: Switch on or off the layer styles according to your preference.
  • Clearly Grouped & Labelled PSD Layers: Neat and Tidy, Tidy and Neat.

Get the PSD