What have Marissa Mayer, Mashable and the Magic 8 Ball concept got in common?  They're my theme for this post!

I've just read on Mashable that Marissa Mayer "might" buy Tumblr.  I'm not sure what this smoke means, but I'm guessing a rather tentative Mayer is testing the waters before making a possibly fatal career move.

My theory is this: Marissa Mayer, singing from the standard CEO hymn-sheet, has a "brilliant" idea to bring Yahoo back to life.  Only she isn't sure about the decision, and its possible fallout - her magic 8 ball has stopped working, and her SWOT analysis was eaten by the dog. What to do?  One misstep is fatal.

During a sleepless night, she comes up with another " brilliant" idea - post some smoke on the internets and take the temperature of the sentiment.

Ergo: "Is Marissa Mayer About to Buy Tumblr for $1 Billion?"  - Yahoo might buy Tumblr, IF the sentiment analysis tool reads a positive on the comments boxes.

Mashable comments become Marissa's new Magic 8 Ball! This CEO business is easy - pretend to be making a decision, check the sentiment, if positive, pass go and collect 200 million.

Further, she also had the "brilliant" idea of killing two birds with one stone:  Why not push out a sentiment analysis test and scope a possible value (1bn - why not).

What is her salary again?