Yesterday I finally released the beta of my first lean SaaS project: The basic idea pivoted as I developed it, and finalised into One Click Portfolios for Dribbblers.

The idea is that a creative on the Dribbble community can login directly through their Dribbble account and get a nice, responsive portfolio layout with their work in their own vanity url.

It's a very simple app. My main aim was basically to become "fluent" in building quick apps. The strategy, then, was broken down into selecting the best technology & methodology for expressing this "fluency": in short, I chose a Node based framework called Meteor for super slimline development, and some features of the "Lean" Movement for streamlining the actually process.

It turned out to be a natty combination, because Meteor allows you to very quickly develop "concepts" and roll them out, so it works well with the Lean method of MVP and iteration.

I'm as minimalist a developer as I am a designer, and I have to say I'm well pleased with the limited amount of lines of code that were needed to put this app together: I'm guessing less than 300 lines of code (excluding libraries and frameworks of course). Distilled still further with preprocessors: namely; Jade, Stylus and Coffeescript.

I wrote a short post on its development How I built my web app, because I am sure there are designers and developers out there who will find the info useful: I know I found many similar resources useful while I was building it.

and now, onwards!