Today I wanted to share how I use Chrome and Chrome extensions to aid my workflow.

Chrome Extensions

Most of the popular apps we use on a daily basis have Chrome extensions. If you don't use extensions they are basically quick access tools to the functionality of each app. So, say you use Evernote, the extension will help you access Evernote tools for the page you are currently on.

Google Bookmarks

As a starter I use the Google Bookmarks Chrome extension/app, which offers a nicer UI for the standard Chrome bookmarking tools. It falls a little short of requirements, no tagging or quick folder search, for example, but it's an improvement on the default bookmarking tool.


The Evernote web clipper chrome extension is a great extension with plenty of options: you can clip bookmarks, keep simplified articles, clip elements of the page only, take screenshots, and more. The clipper also lets you add tags, and take short notes, all without leaving the browser. Highly recommended for research and writing.


I use Pocket, and the Pocket chrome extension for bookmarking, mainly because the Google bookmarks extension does not cut it at the moment. I like to simply bookmark a page and tag it, which the Google Bookmarks extension currently doesn't allow. I have IFTTT setup to automatically copy these bookmarks, with tags, into Evernote and Pinboard.


A buffer social chrome extension for sharing content through multiple channels.


I use Instapaper (chrome extension) for storing more long-form articles which I intend to read and review in depth later on, and for archiving these items into research folders. A nice keyboard shortcut allows you to very quickly save the page into your Instapaper inbox, trimming all the fat and keeping the article clean - as is Instapaper's wont.


Great extension for checking your grammar and spelling on the fly.

Google Drive

The Google drive extension is great for quickly saving PDFs from the browser to your Google drive root folder.

Feedly Mini

Indispensable, the great Feedly. I get all my news and research through this amazing tool. As I'm browsing blogs I will add the feeds I like straight into my Feedly account using this extension. I will then generally read my Feedly news through the mobile app, and items I like I will save and tag in Feedly, and also post straight to Instapaper those articles I wish to keep. The mobile app also connects with Buffer and Pocket if you want to share or bookmark items. Be sure to search for the Feedly Mini chrome extension, rather than the subscribe one.


Trello is a great way to organise research material. The Trello Chrome extension basically gives you quick access to your boards.


Pinboard is a bookmark manager, run by a sole developer, with the tagline "antisocial bookmarking" - because you can bookmark things privately. It is a well-built platform, with good API access, so I generally backup most of the bookmarks I add, in whichever app, to Pinboard using IFTTT. This way I have a definitive bookmarks list ready for developing apps that will expose this data.


Readability is akin to Instapaper, so you might use the extension that suits your preference. Here is the Readability chrome extension.