Thought I'd share what links I've been viewing before starting work this morning. I collect and review quite a bit of UX and UI related material, so I should share it.

Google Ventures Design Library

An interesting collection of articles covering various areas of product development. I haven't had a chance to look at it more closely, I'll post the useful articles as I do. But it seems like a useful resource.

Little Big Details

The classic Tumblr blog about those little UX/UI details that are baked into the pudding.

UX Resources Shortlist

Jess Holbrook shares a great list of UX resources that he loves. This is a really handy rundown of great resources.

The gospel of good design by Dieter Rams

The ultra-classic, canonical design resource.


I use Prismatic to collate some material, here is my collection for your perusal. Prismatic is a nice tool and a pleasure to use thanks to the diligence of the great Teehan & Lax combo ( who seem to have been absored into Facebook - not sure what to think about that, but Facebook could use some UI updates.)

That was mainly it for this morning. Enjoy! I hope these pointers are useful.