I'm currently in the middle of a serverside nightmare trying to setup various Ghost blogs on one server. Between nginx confs, ports & Ghost configs - well, I'm just having a great time. What the frick is going on?

I've followed this guide, but somehow got entangled.

Places to check if you're having some trouble:


Here you should have setup a .conf file which corresponds to your domain. Inside you will need to set the server_name to your domain, and a corresponding port which nginx will route to.


You should also have setup a couple of .conf files here to tell start Ghost for each domain. If you're entangled - stop one of the services with the following request, replacing sitename: service ghost-sitename stop. Do some tests, then restart.

Ghost Config Files

You'll find these inside your /var/www/ folders (one for each site). Open the config.js and check the server_name and ports match those you set in /etc/nginx/conf.d

Ghost on Subdomains

If you want to run ghost on a subdomain simply ensure your server_names in the above files (conf.d and config.js) match. You will need to restart your services to see the changes.