I've called this Indesign pack a Press Kit, but it could be a Brochure or Media Kit or whatever. It's dead simple to change and make your own. Let me explain what's in the kit:

Read made press kit brochure layout for indesign

Various, ready-made page layouts, just drag and drop your images and text.

14 pages of layouts, primed and ready to print.

14 pages of layouts, primed and ready to print.

Clean & Professional Press Kit

Brochure / Magazine / Media Kit

I called it a PressKit because I threw in a couple of layouts for Logo usage and colour palettes, but this Indesign Brochure / Magazine kit can become pretty much what you like.  I've kept it fairly clean and corporate too, nothing too flashy, so it's multi-purpose.

How to use it?

It's dead simple.  I've setup the master spreads and 14 pages of layouts already - you can duplicate and alter the spreads I've already made and mix-n-match your own content according to your needs.  Open the Pages Panel and change the Masters to update all the children.

It is dead simple to setup.


It's all in the stylesheets.  Simply open the styles panel, and replace the set styles I've setup.  For example, if you want to change the font, simply open the (Character) Styles panel, choose Base and change the settings: Change the font and all the other styles will change with it.


I've setup the placeholders, all you need to do is drag an image from a folder into the placeholder in Indesign.  Then you adapt the photo size to the content box (Right click -> Fitting).  It can't get any simpler.


I've kept the colours to a minimum, not to brand it too much, but I've also added a sample colour palette.  You can easily replace colours however by simply mixing up your style in the colour mixer, then dragging the swatch over the top of my demo Swatch - it will replace all the colours with that swatch.



Software: To use this file you will need Indesign, preferably CS5.  I can't vouch for Backwards compatibility even though this version does nothing special.

Fonts: In the demo sample shown I've used Museo (find it here: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/exljbris/museo/ ) and Soho Gothic (Link here: http://www.myfonts.com/fonts/mti/soho-gothic/) but as I said, don't worry if you don't have the fonts, simply replace the Base font in the Styles panel to your own choice and the whole document will update.

Photos: The Photos are only for demo purposes, they are not included in the file.  You will use your own photos. You can find the images I used on PhotoDune, except for the Location Shots, which are my own.

Logo: The little Camera Logo is included.  It's yours to keep.

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