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Early morning research links

Hyperlinks - love 'em or hate 'em - they are there. I wake up early trying to build something, and find even more awesome things to make even more awesome in my new product (whatever that will be).  Here are this morning's links. I might call these: Links with the Lark. Ahem.

Web tool for Remote workers to find great places to work outside the house. Working outside your home is actually Page One in productivity gains.


Another app for location scouting. Many of these apps, like Workfrom above, and Nomadlist seem to have similar data: I was actually researching these APIs to build one myself. Whether I will or not remains to be seen.

Switchboard HQ

Communication app for communities. The home page is very education focussed, but I found this useful app better explained by one of their users (Workfrom in fact) - so I paste that link, which is more self-explanatory.


You probably already know Angellist - a VC app for finding funding & founders. I'm always scouting for APIs and these guys have pretty useful ones, as well as being a well-built and useful site. I think it was the first .co site I ever saw.


A little off-beat, but a nice site for buying and selling "art".


Great mapping tool. This is going to come in handy for my city products.


One of my favourite activity trackers. Simple, clean and enjoyable. They also have inspiration engineering posts and products. They were selling their city art visualisations on Crated (that's how I found that one).


Clearly a useful API for driving and location data. It seems like a well-funded and run platform. Another keeper.

Have a nice day!

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