What is my current workflow? I'm still working on it, but my target is for a neat I/O process - input - process - output. Currently, I'm following the GTD methodology of New, Next and Someday. I try to apply it to most things at varying levels of abstraction. i.e. My research, idea processing, planning and development all follow the same method.


My "day" will start with Feeds. I have a folder for feeds: news, blogs and "hunts" the new craze. Interesting material from feeds will be first pushed into bookmarks.

Feedly is my main tool for managing Feeds and I cannot recommend it enough. It has plenty of integrations so and a sweet iOS app (with night mode) from which you can easily skim all your favourite sources and pluck the best stuff to post to your bookmarking tools. Feedly also bookmarks, can categorise and tag, has a nice clean web UI and an API.

I also might skim various blogs, hunts and "boards". But these are normally in my feedly anyway.


Firstly I have a Feeds folder - all blogs, news sites, hunts etc. are in here.

I have an Inbox folder (the New part of GTD) for links I like but cannot sort immediately. I'll go through that folder periodically to sort them into their correct places. There are many bookmarking tools, but I still like to use the Chrome bookmarks and I use Alfred2 to fetch them for me when I need them for speed. As bookmarking tools I use Pocket, Pinboard and Instapaper generally, plus I've been testing Evernote and various other small tools (eg. raindrops.io). I use IFTTT to try and keep these in some form of order and for backup and cross-posting.

Then, for the processing part I have a GTD folder for my tasklists, and an inspiration folder. And for the Output part I have a Dashboards folder, where I monitor the progress of my output (writing and shipping).


Inspiration from bookmarking then is pushed into my ideas and planning through task-lists. I use Trello generally, for sorting and planning - especially at higher levels of abstraction (idea sorting). I might use a more detailed task UI for development (such as Asana) for step-by-step iterations.

The GTD method is also used here. Always New, Next and Someday and synonyms. In Trello I have many boards - so I organised them in levels of abstraction also: I have higher level "planning" sprints for strategy, and lower-level task lists for operations. Both follow the New, Now and Someday method.

Publishing and Deploying

If we input and process, then we must also be outputting, right? I am currently using WordPress for blogging and my website. I do intend to move away from it, but for now it's there. I develop on Meteor and deploy on their shaky free platform, while I wait for "Galaxy".


I also use GTD for organising my files and folders on the Mac, I use Tags for this.


I'm beginning the journey into automation. I haven't figured out if I can apply the I/O GTD model here yet. Here is how I am starting with automation.