I'm interested in intelligent design, smart cities and open data. Here are some of my open data findings for this morning ( you know how it is, you find one link and then the next ).


My journey started with Nesta which has plenty of great resources for open data and intelligent design thinking. The link I had in my Feedly was a post from Briony Philipps on innovation in open data - which lead me to the Open Challenge Series (which I missed unfortunately) and onwards.



Hackpad for Open Data Tools

Here is a useful hackpad for getting started with open data.


The Open Data Institute

I haven't researched this site fully yet, but there's plenty of material here.



A private company which collates open government public data and repackages it to into a more complete API solution. Plenty of material and ideas on here. Not sure about the proprietary holding of public data, but that's material for another post. These guys are based in Seattle.


Rubi - a town in Spain close to Barcelona, uses the Socrata platform to power its open data API:


My Society

A non-profit social enterprise who build open websites for civic purposes since the early days: they have some interesting projects online.