I opened my Prismatic feed today to find it closed, and replaced with investor bumpf. Not the best start of the day - but I went on to uncover their blog and I liked how open they are about their API development - so I'm adding them to my favourite engineering blog projects: I like intelligent projects where engineering and design go hand-in-hand. My other favourite design/engineering project is Artsy.net. I paste the links to their interesting stuff inside this post.

Get Prismatic

I found out about Prismatic through a Teehan & Lax blog post where they were discussing the layout and typography redesign of a simple, but smart, newsreader app. I loved it, I started to use it - I open it today and it's now becoming some kind of data-mining platform and my feed is hidden somewhere else (investors - tch). But, they are publishing about their API platform development here, so it's interesting reading anyway.

I'm still loving the Prismatic project, and I still follow it - even if my web feed seems to have disappeared - because it's an excellent example of evolution through design: What started out as a simple feedreader is becoming so much more - T&L said it best themselves:

Bradford and his team recognized this wasn’t something we would fully solve in an iteration or two. This was incredibly complex work—both to think through, and to execute. It was, and frankly is, going to continue to take a lot of smart people, time, explorations, research and iteration.

So, thanks to the dedication and vision of Bradford and his team a humble feedreader is metamorphosing into something incredible. This is an inspiring example of how products can be developed with some applied thinking and a dedication to UX.


I fell in love with Artsy when I first saw the landing page on Dribbble: it was beautiful. Then the platform itself was also not only beautiful, and with inspiring content (I mean, it's art), but immaculately engineered.  After gorging myself on the art content, and admiring the web build, I scoured their engineering posts and found even more goodness - I mean, lookie here.

And then, what about this? The Art Genome Project. Even the name is so inspiring!

If anyone knows any more awe-inspiring teams where design and engineering combine to make awesome, let me know!