I've had an idea of an upcoming HR trend rolling around in my mind for a while, and for the first time today I saw an job ad in that line courtesy of London's Shutl Startup (http://shutl.com/en/jobs) - called "Create a Role for Me".  This is the future of HR.

"so hot that we need to create a role for you, then by all means, don’t hold back!"

I love this, I sense a company that will embrace and use the energy of new recruits like Aikido senseis.  This is HR jitsu.  If you're a visionary startup, you have EVERY role available:  What you are actually looking for are people who want to be part of your vision - what they do is unimportant, you need them anyway!

There's no better way to ensure job motivation than to ask people how they want to help you build your business.  I'm banking this is the future of HR.  Anyone want to join me make this into a startup?  JobJitsu.com might still be available.