Kickstart PRO


Are you launching a startup business? Or do you want your business to look like a startup? Meet Kickstart Pro. This high-energy theme is chock-full of features you can put to work for your business with just a few clicks.


Lean Kickstart is a lean WordPress theme, built on the Genesis Framework, designed for Startups - with all the basic elements Startups will need: Pricing, Contact, Blog and promotional blocks.

The homepage is in a long "one-pager" style layout, showing off all your best features, whilst the interior is packed with useful layouts like Pricing page, full-width, blog with changeable layout and more.

Lean Kickstart is built on the Genesis Framework (meaning you will need a copy to run this theme on top of, it's a Child theme) - Why? because Genesis is an industry leading platform (security audited by WordPress lead developer Mark Jaquith) with awesome features like: auto-updates, leading SEO standards, airtight security, unlimited sidebars, easy layout options and much much more.

Lean Kickstart is responsive to mobile, has clean and flat professional design and coding, and we're constantly updating it with more awesome.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION (READ BEFORE PURCHASING): Lean Kickstart requires the Genesis Framework (v2.0 or greater) to run. If you don't already have a copy you can purchase one via for $59.95. Once you have a copy of Genesis you can use it on unlimited sites and with many other light, well-coded themes.

All theme purchases are subject to the terms, conditions and 'common sense' rules laid out in our FAQ ( If necessary, we may modify these terms at any time, without notification.


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