The environment in which you write is important (I'm not talking about Starbucks, but the user interface). Typography is important. Design is important. Let's add some typography to the WordPress fullscreen editor and write better (a spurious claim, but I like it).


xEditor is a mini-plugin I wrote to enhance the typography on the WordPress fullscreen editor. I want to write nice articles, but somehow the weak full-screen typography was putting me off. Hey, I'm like that.

What does it do?

All it does is improve the typography layout in WordPress full-screen mode. See the featured image above for screengrabs of the changes: WordPress is on the left, and the xEditor interface is on the right.

How to install it

The plugin currently requires no other setup than installation and activation. So simply follow these steps:

  1. Download the zip
  2. Open your Plugins -> Add New menu in WordPress
  3. Select "Upload"
  4. Find the file and click Install.
  5. Activate.
  6. View a post in full-screen editor and you'll see the results.


Unfortunately, the WordPress editor doesn't seem able to cope with multiple lines in the title.  So, it's cropped... sorry about that.