Better Design. Better Results.


User Experience (UX)

Designing a better user journey.


A study in users. We want to know who our users are, and what they are trying to achieve. The discovery process identifies our Personas and User Stories.

User Flow

Once we know what are users want to achieve, we design the process for them to get there, in the quickest and most rewarding manner. Deliverables are User Flow Diagrams / Customer Journey maps.


User Interface (UI)

Designing a better dialogue.


From the high-level user flow documents we can start to develop the actual user interface, which guides the user through each screen to achieve their goals. 


In order to test our UX flow and UI, we build a usable prototype that users can actually navigate. Weak spots are soon identified for iteration and improvement. 

Art Direction.

Visual Language.

More than simply adding colour to the wireframes, the Visual Design is the development of a structured visual language that enhances the flow, optimises the navigation and warms the user experience.