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New Lean WordPress Theme Sneak Peek

Just a quick sneak peek of a new WordPress theme I’m designing – to be released on the Lean Themes label I’m working on with the awesome Nick Davis (the idea being, they’re lean WordPress themes – see what we did there?).  If  you want to monitor our not-so-fast progress sign for email updates via http:/

journal style wordpress blog theme

Monday – A Journal Style WordPress Theme

Monday is a WordPress blogging theme, but simpler – more like a Journal:  The main blog layout is single stream to avoid confusion and support better storytelling.  Monday works sweet on mobile with a handy left-hand navigation panel slide-out.  For the purists among you there is also a classical blog layout available.

Monday is very simple to setup and to start posting stories and photos.  Simply setup your favourite colour and start posting.  I was never a fan of complicated themes that were tricky to setup - I like themes simple, fewer setup options means it’s easy to get started.

Demo & Download Available on Creative Market

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How to set Vim to color code LESS files

Today’s awesome dev snippet is a quick hack to set up VIM to colour-code syntax for LESS as it does for CSS.  Add the following line to your .vimrc file (or create on if you don’t have it).

au BufNewFile,BufRead *.less set filetype=css



Lean WordPress Themes

I’m teaming up with the awesome Nick Davis to make Lean WordPress themes (i.e. themes that are short on bulk and load like a mofo) – while we’re working on our first themes why not check our landing page and sign up to our mailing list to receive updates and free goodies (when we’ve made them).

My Experience on oDesk

I ran into oDesk recently, and had a play with it:  Long story short – it has a clean UI but the fees are a joke, I pity the souls who may be forced to use it.  Clients on oDesk have tight budgets – that’s ok – but oDesk skims it at every turn: between 10% commissions, withdrawal fees (even on Paypal), 6 day “settle periods” and currency arbitrage you’ll need to spike your bid by 20% to come clean and order your food by cheque to balance payments. Not a recommended marketplace for professionals.