The Short History of an English UX / UI Designer

I’ve been involved in designing and building websites since 1999 (actually before then, but the web was REALLY young then). That was a time when Yahoo was the main portal, javascript rollovers were kinda tricky to do (manually), when Drumbeat was Dreamweaver, when Allaire was around and… was Flash someone else’s product before Macromedia? I can’t even remember!

It all started in London in 1999, after University, working on some pretty cool projects for a small startup in Oxford Circus: These guys were really in the game, had great clients and were running their own projects in talks with Time Warner. London was abuzz, the bubble was about to pop, was the hottest website around, except perhaps for who were just up the road – the Facebook of the day!

So what happened to me? I should say I sold some early insider shares in at the peak, setup my own startup in NY, found seed VC, and built Facebook. But it wouldn’t be true (clearly!). Instead, being young and foolish, I went travelling.

For three years I wandered looking for life, liberty and that pursuit of happiness: in Ireland (Cork & Dublin), Spain (Malaga), Italy (Bologna & Florence) – where I worked in various startups and small creative studios: The experiences were varied enough, and I also learned to speak Spanish and Italian along the way. I worked on a very interesting project in Florence which could, looking back, have made it into a seriously world-class website if it were properly funded: All I can really say about it is that a similar startup called Yoox was the competition then, and our project fell by the wayside – as I say, for lack of finance.

Which took me to Barcelona – what a city! I’ve had the privilege of working alongside some strong names in design and development like Vasava and Machinas Digital Development, developing creative web skills for Fashion and Editorial Web Sites and Advertising.

Looking for someone like me?

I am interested in agencies who know what a Creative Brief is; what design really costs in terms of time and materials, and who provide timely and professional support (sounds obvious, but is not always the case).

If you are looking for a UX/UI Creative Professional, with years of design and development experience from large to small companies – let’s talk – email me(at) I look forward to hearing from you.