Nice things people said

Amber Rucker
Snr Manager, Cloudbees

Derry’s greatest asset is relentless drive and holding others accountable.

Michal Weiser
CTO Fingood

Self-driven, accurate, professional in every aspect of himself. Working with Derry was always a pleasure. I literally felt the progress every second of our discussions. When I think about the common phrase "thinking out of the box" - Derry's creative mind should be taught as the purest example. Innovation is the key! Thanks to Derry's polymath approach to life, every discussion is constructive and leads to the best possible solution. I had the chance to work with Derry on the delivery of the design system for enterprise solutions and I was impressed by every aspect of his work. Without hesitation, I would recommend Derry for any UX or Visual position.

Cesare Navarotto
Chief Digital Officer, Atex

It is a pleasure to work with Derry because he is very competent, has a very positive attitude and more of all is really a good person. Even if he has already a lot of experience, he is continuously studying new stuff, and looking for new solutions and technologies.

Denisa Marinescu
User Experience Designer at Haufe Group, Creative Systems Thinker, WIAD BCN Local OrganizerDesigner

Working with Derry is a privilege - his passion, vision, and organization skills are truly inspiring and show a great love for detail and design.

We work together on a business intelligence product where Derry inspired me to set up a structured, holistic design system for my team. He plays a key role in the company - pushing design thinking and processes forward by bringing together the team and championing the creation of our design system. He never ceases to question the UX which I particularly appreciate as it shows a high-quality, problem-solving vision that I’m here to follow.

On a personal note, I appreciate Derry’s reflective outlook on the world and technology - he’s extremely knowledgeable and thought-provoking.

Mike Remington
Vice President, Experience Design at Oracle

I think we should talk about your long term career goals, what you want to do, and what I have to do to keep you here long-term because I think you have Rockstar talents for sure.

Chad Mueller
Design Manager, Oracle

You’ve been a Rockstar contributor. Derry has taken on a lot of work over the course of this year. He has been involved in multiple projects because we've been under resourced. He has taken on these new projects without hesitation to help the team and company. Derry has done a great job documenting his tools and resources that he has made available to the design team. This is a lot of work that was done from both the Visual System as well as the Design System.

Marsh Chamberlain 
Principal Visual Designer, Oracle

Derry is a great person to get feedback on design concepts.  He reliably offers constructive suggestions that make my designs more robust and better suited to the problem at hand.  As the designer in charge of Central UI Framework patterns, he is also key to helping me be consistent in my application of UI patterns.  As an example, he was very helpful in ensuring my designs for Merchandise Hierarchy met the proper standards for a UI application.  

Sandhya Pujari 
Manager, Product Management, Oracle

Quick turn around of the work. Good communication on setting timeline expectations for a task. Impressive start on Dashboard Design documentation. 

Tanya Chapman
Senior UX Content Strategist, Oracle

Derry always comes to the project or a task with big-picture ideas. This is really refreshing because it's so easy to get caught in the details that make something difficult to do. Derry reminds me that we are held to the quality of all web applications and what they are doing, not just what we're doing right now in Oracle. And he brings that attitude to his work - he's always learning and finding new best practices in design and applies them to what he does every day. This helps to push us all, which is another thing I really appreciate.

Mike Scriber
Manager UX, Oracle Netsuite

Derry is always a pleasure to deal with. He brought value to our team by providing us designs in a timely manner with a high quality. He also listened to our use cases and we were able to come to compromises to align better with the UI Framework.

Marc Verdera
Senior UX Designer, Oracle Netsuite

Derry is always a pleasure to deal with. He's a  really skilled and talented designer
- Envisioning trending solutions
- Involved on the project
- Eager to be able to apply his talent
- Methodic designer
- Provides useful feedback
- Great asset on the UI team
everyone is willing to work with a talented designer like him.

Marek Ruprecht
Product Manager, Oracle

Derry is always looking further than what is asked of him, and he's very organized. I've always been impressed by how detailed and clear all the pages he works on Confluence are. He's also always willing to help others.I don't see anything to change, Derry is involved and consistent and I think he deserves to be recognized for this. 

Pablo Zubicaray
Owner, Friendly Rentals

“Highly Recommended” - Derry is a great professional, his sense of design is very avantguard and really creative, we have been working with him for many years now and I highly recommend him.

Mark Peters
Short Stay Group

“Good team player”
We have worked together with Derry on many projects. He understood our needs and has proven to be a good team player with a very pro-active attitude. Has no problem going against you if he feels you are heading in the wrong direction. Prices are fair, delivery on time.

Chris Richmond
Owner, OnClouds

“a pleasure to work with”
Imaginative and a pleasure to work with Derry delivers great quality designs whatever the brief every time, on time and on budget.

Antony Auty
MD, Bikesoup

“Safe hands that value my work”
I’ve been working with Derry for 3 continuous years now. The work delivered is always of the highest quality and the communication is professional and informed. I always feel like I’m in safe hands that value my work and strive to deliver the best product to suit my needs. Highly recommended

Virginia Vidoz
Life Coach

“I trust him”
Derry is an honest, reliable person, always eager to know more about the client’s project. He is quick, direct and answers all telephone calls or e-mails. He designed a “How to” that was clear, well organized and straight to the point. Any innovation of the site I just leave it to him simply because I trust him. I am always grateful for his interest and all the new ideas he introduces. He has done a great job.

Rene Klaasen

“Professional Proposal”
Thanks for the proposal you sent me. What a relief to see a decent and professional proposal here. I almost forgot about it"

Roberto Casoni
Digital Project Manager at Life!

Derry è davvero un grande designer, ho lavorato con lui su tantissimi progetti digital e so quello che dico.
Il suo punto di forza è la capacità di coniugare creatività e totale padronanza di UI e UX, oltre ad avere una notevole competenza tecnica in ambito front end e in generale una forte passione e curiosità per la tecnologia.
Questo significa che Derry è l'interlocutore perfetto per tutti i componenti dello staff, account, project manager, developer ecc.
Velocità di esecuzione, pragmatismo e grande amore per la comunicazione completano il quadro di un professionista di assoluto spessore.

Gavin Drake
MD, Garment Printer

I will need to read this a few times to fully get to grips with the proposal but at first sight it looks very comprehensive and very good.