Hi, nice to meet you. I'm Derry, a Senior UX Design Lead for the initiated; a web designer for the un-initiated - and for my grandma I work in "computers". It's nice to get perspective.
I've been pushing pixels around professionally for over 10 years as UX & Visual Designer. I've worked in creative agencies, startups and - more recently - Enterprises in various languages and countries. Mainly I can help kickstart, scale & operationalise Design, as well as handle day-to-day design work from UX to Visuals.
On the side, I work on being a writer, playing guitar & piano, and faff around with Blender & Unity with a longer-term desire to make game worlds.
Have a nice day!
Areas of expertise
UX & UI Design
Creative Art Direction
Design Systems & Scaling UI
Design Sprints & Workshops
UX Research Operations
Design Philosophy
Build the right things, Build the things right.
Content is King.
Simplicity is key.
My Values
Every personal interaction is a branding interaction - respect and intelligence is a must.
Respect for others
Take pride in your work.
Respect for craft
There are no shortcuts, the journey is the destination. Always be learning.
Respect for life
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